Where Have They Been?

These past two months have felt like terrible times in the music world. We’ve gone months without a Frank Ocean album (typical). We have not heard one peep from Willow Smith. We have not even received a drip of liquid-lyrical medicine from Rihanna. Yes, artists have normal lives like the rest of the human race. Yes, it’s kind to be considerate of their lives and personal space. Yes, some artists (We will not name any names) have found themselves physically unable to work due to incarceration (FREE A**P R***Y). But regardless, those excuses don’t feel valid. We need our music. Period.

Willow Smith

Willow… What’s going on? Willow, the enlightened soul she is, decided to drop an album two years ago and leave us in the dirt. She left and expected us to feel happy with no new content for two whole years. Allegedly, her new album will drop on July 19th. Besides her lowkey public status, she has worked professionally throughout the year. The singer took part in ZHU’s surreal music video, “My Life,” The video showcased the things that individuals go through in their youth- The imperfection, the bad decisions that stand as vivid colors which embezzle themselves into reality for the rest of our lives. As of late, the singer joined her mother, Jada Pinkett- Smith, on the show, Red Table Talk.


Sir, it feels like you left the Earth. The only tangible thing we have to know you exist, is your instagram, GAYLETTER cover story, DAZED cover story, GQ’s Music Issue and @frankoceanography’s insta account. In January, Frank posted a short video of his cover of SZA’s song, “The Weekend.” We know this man is up to something. The whole point of Frank’s enigmatic nature helps him protect his privacy. Frank fans completely respect that decision, but all they want is an album. That’s it. Come on.


In March, she released her project, When I Get Home. The Solange Stan Team (couldn’t come up with a fan name…) feels perfectly content with the music she released. In regards to her musical absence, no uproar has occurred yet. Solange stans feel satisfied with her music, but we can’t help but wonder where she is in the world. Anytime she posts on social media, she is either praise dancing with other black women *punches black fist in the air*, cloaked behind a leaf in the thrush of an exotic rain forest, or in a party bus. Truthfully, the rest of the world could never rest on the multifaceted level she exists on.


*Queues “All I Need” by Noname* “Noname off the drugs, Noname quit the weed, Noname where you at.” The Chicago based artist never hesitates to let the world know about her life. Every once in a while, she will post a picture of herself with a joint- the typical Instagram post. In her music, she shows us her first sexual experience, her life as a child, those KSWISS shoes she wore to death and her desire to use her money to help her community. Her music feels vulnerable, but lately, her fans have been left to their own devices when it comes to her latest project. She said she would release her album, but where it at doe? The delay in her upcoming album, Factory Baby, feels necessary. All good things take time. If you identify as a Noname fan, take faith. The race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endureth forever.


She knows without a shadow of a doubt that her fans feel hungry. It’s like she knows she controls every aspect of our lives. She continues to starve us just to show us how powerful she truly is. That feels kind of manipulative, dark and cultish, but either way, everyone will cop the album. As of late, Rihanna has found herself busy with Fenty, her cosmetics brand, and it is not truly confirmed as to when her next album will drop. But we know she has something in the oven.