TOTALXTC: Totally Ecstatic

Raised in the wake of fast-paced technology, Generation Z gradually grew up with infamous sites like MySpace, Black Planet, and the inappropriately aesthetic Tumblr. It was through these apps that Gen-Z was able to witness random, small apps turn into full-grown corporations like Instagram and Twitter.

Jaidev, a.k.a. TOTALXTC, stands as one of these tech-savvy Gen-Zers. In various clubs, he generates sounds from his DJ booth, coating tunes over audiences who are hungry for a good night. His djing and hosting faintly reflect an old flame that existed in New York’s 2014 SoHo days. This anything-goes-type vibe stands firm in his work and allows him to incorporate that energy in all facets of his visual and auditory practices.

Just like any other Bronx native, Jaidev began going out at a young age, finding inspiration through controlling the sounds at functions. His DJ endeavors led him to birth his party series, Body Journey- "a nomadic space where marginalized groups can experience a body journey with the sounds." His memories of growing up in New York and the Dominican Republic fuel his aspirations of becoming a director and all-around artist. Jaidev’s artistry mirrors his memories, reflecting recollections of basking in the sun in New York, and witnessing the greenery of the D.R. Through his formative years, he has reshaped and defined his style in a totally ecstatic way.

Interviewer: How did you get involved in nightlife?

TOTALXTC: When I graduated high school in 2017, that's when I first started going to parties. I realized very quickly that I wanted to curate the music and control the vibe. So I brought my laptop, got VirtualDJ, connected to the speaker, and did it all with no equipment or anything.

My friend gave me an extra duplicate of his fake ID. So that's when I started going out to the clubs. I remember Fight Club was one of the first rave clubs I've been to. Then I got booked for my first club gig at the Spectrum for this party called Ragga NYC. I completely fucked up my set. I was so embarrassed. I eventually learned how to DJ and I started my own party called Body Journey.

Interviewer: What was your party series like at the time?

TOTALXTC: I'd play trap and then voguing remixes. I'm pretty sure the people that attended these parties weren’t used to hearing music like that. I would play Jamaican music [and] people would give lap dances. It was fun.

Interviewer: At this time, how did you surround yourself with the queer community?

TOTALXTC: As I got more into the club scene, that's when I really connected more with queer people. That's where they were. They were at the clubs or at the cute shows. They weren't at the fucking house parties like straight people were.

Photo by @roxyrolller

Interviewer: I feel like Black people are reclaiming the rave/techno scene. Our generation is witnessing and ushering this era first hand. What is it like for you to be a part of this moment?

TOTALXTC: When you do research and find out how techno and electronic music came about, it's really all Black. It’s really important for Black people to reclaim that and just take up these same spaces that all these white people have been at the forefront of.

Interviewer: What are some things that you’re reclaiming in your own personal life?

TOTALXTC: I'm reclaiming myself as an artist. The past few years, I haven't really been putting my art out there. I haven't really been doing much other than DJing. As I change, my art changes. I've started doing styling assisting on the side and shit. So I'm trying to get back into photography, which is a really big passion of mine.

Interviewer: How do visual and audio stimulation play together when it comes to your creative process?

TOTALXTC: I use a lot of acid 90s techno, which are very trippy and psychedelic. In my music, there will be some type of a psychedelic, robotic voice saying some random shit. The way I mix music ties into TOTALXTC.

Interviewer: Describe your sound.

TOTALXTC: Psychedelic, nostalgic, futuristic, as well as sexy.