Slowly, Faith Evans holds her microphone close to her chest; breathing and grounding herself into where she stands. Memories of heartbreak, disappointment and shame take form in her mind. As the music starts, she gets ready to sing and release all her pain to God.

“I’ve wanted to inspire other youth,” Evans said. “to have that hunger and to develop an intimate, real relationship with God.”

Having mass recognition in church may blind people from knowing the true task at hand: drawing others towards God’s presence. Before she became a worship leader, Evans channeled her creative energy through dance. At the time, she never thought she would sing in front of hundreds of people.

“I was a dancer since I was 3. I sang for the first time ever at my old church back in Indiana. I was 11,” Evans said. “I really started singing more when we moved here. I was 13 then.”

During 2015, Evans and her family moved into their new home in Dallas, Texas. As time passed, they became members at The Potter’s House of Dallas. She soon got involved in the children’s ministry, “Destiny’s House.” There, she discovered sides of herself that she never knew about.

“I remember the first day I came to the church and the ministry. We were in praise and worship led by Nia Green and Nate Devon- I was astonished,” Evans said. “They were so passionate for God and I had never seen youth be that way before. Someway, a fire ignited inside of my heart.”

All her life, this gift felt tangible and accessible, but in that moment, she felt more connected to herself than she ever had before. At 14, she joined the teenage ministry, “Firehouse”, and began singing in the youth choir. Unlike false believers, she stands as an advocate for God’s love. From that moment forward, she vowed to hide her face behind His love.

“It’s a little nerve racking, but then I remember how much I love doing what I do and who it’s all for,” Evans said. “I turn that nervous energy into something radical and positive. I’ve learned to embrace the performer or superstar in me.”

Timidity and fear have been coiling themselves up and around the throats of mankind since the beginning of time. First, they choke you- suffocating your hopes, then the silence your voice. Evans has found a way to counter these attacks and embrace the assignment that has been placed on her life. Many people have talent, but very few carry an anointing to lead others into God’s presence. Through her unconventional voice, she breaks spiritual walls in people’s lives and gives the angels access to pour Heaven into Earth.