Sol Marie: Shades Of Blue

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Entwined with the voice of God, Sol Marie stands as an alternative bedroom artist who began her musical journey at church, then the choir at school, and eventually her own personal sanctum- the four walls of her bedroom. Her evocative voice and bountiful wisdom within each track allures the likes of people with all types of tastes in music.

Her debut album, “Blue”, created a seamless cinema for every Dallas based teen in the summer of 2018- a summer spent under the shade and company of loved ones, in the car with her album that bounced on and off the windows, and in the confinement of our own minds. Stuck and on loop. This is Sol Marie, an artist who you won’t let out of your mind.

Interviewer: I checked out your music in summer 2018- all my friends were putting me onto all types of records. Your album, Blue, really brought me to the edge of myself. When you released that album, it became the soundtrack of my friends and I’s summer. You really created a sonic space for some black teens to thrive and embellish ourselves in. How does that make you feel?

Sol Marie: Thank you. That overwhelms me. When I think about "Blue," I don't have that perception. I think I held back a lot on "Blue" and I could've done more. I guess I was just too afraid. This new project I’m working on right now, it's about being free. I want to show every side of me, not just one side.

Interview: When you say you want to give all of Sol Marie, is Sol Marie your own version of “Sasha Fierce?”

Sol Marie: I think so for sure. Kylie and Sol Marie are two very different people. Kylie’s more shy, very insecure, [and] just wants to be accepted. Sol Marie, she accepts herself, [there’s] always that self love there. I'm more in my element when it comes to her.

Interview: Doesn't that make you feel empty? I'm sure it's difficult having to balance two completely different entities of your own self.

Sol Marie: It’s about being. I think this generation is so stuck on one thing, one form of beauty, one form of wealth. It’s going deeper into what real richness is, what real fulfillment is. What real beauty is- not what you look like. It’s about God, that’s who I find my identity in.

Interviewer: Going back to summer 2018, can you describe what this album meant to you back then?

Sol Marie: Portions of the album go back to 2016. I have songs like “Tides” where I was leaning into depression- more of a rage. When I was writing that, I was feeling that. I think of colors and numbers most of the time. I was feeling the color blue. That was everything I was feeling. From the good parts, when you step outside and the sky is blue and it's a beautiful day. To the very deep and emotional parts of blue that remind me of sadness and times where I felt lonely. I felt like blue was kind of like a broad sense of emotion. When I think of blue, I think of emotion. And I'm emotional, I am. I just put it into my music.

Interviewer: That school year and that summer, what were you going through at that time?

Sol Marie: You put me on the spot, now. Junior year was a very serious moment for me. That's when I started taking my grades seriously, that’s when I really started tapping into what I wanted to be when I grew up. I put out a mixtape in 2016 on Soundcloud, but I wanted more. So I started writing a lot. I would just write my feelings. I guess I was going through a shift in my life. I started to become aware of my emotional state. I was in a relationship and I don't like to call people toxic, but that relationship opened my eyes on how dependent I am on the presence of others.

Interviewer: Whew!

Sol Marie: I always want somebody to hear me. I started to realize that I don't need that in order to be happy. “Clear” was the ultimate awakening. It's the complete opposite of what “Tides” is. It's not a bad thing to be by yourself. It's not a bad thing to have people around you, either. You have to have balance. What I was going through at that time was finding a balance between giving to others and giving to myself. It becomes draining after awhile [because] then I don't have anything to myself. So, that was “Blue”.

Numb- I feel so much that I just don't want to feel anything. I don't want to feel anything. “Numb” is my favorite song just because of the fact that I could make an emotional song. I hate the act of pouring out to someone who doesn't deserve it. It's natural.

Interviewer: I feel like reciprocation is such a recurring theme within all of your songs that you write. What was your relationship with relationships that year?

Sol Marie: Summer 2018 was pretty fun. I was with my friends. I was very distracted, but not in a bad way. 2018 made me want to jump up and do more. I was like, ‘okay, I know what I need to do. Just do it.’ Relationship wise, I just had fun with my friends. I got out of [a] relationship during my junior year. I decided that there are people who are going to come and go in and out of my life, but I had to realize the people that are consistent, the people that are always going to be there. I cherish those moments. 2018 was a cherish able moment.

Life is life. It only gets harder. That's why we’re supposed to get stronger.

Interviewer: You explore really heavy topics in some of your songs. Let's talk about “Tides”. You brought out the Spanish. Come through Espanol!

Sol Marie: I love Spanish. To double back, when it comes to relationships, I’m not a relationship person. People don't like being in relationships with me because I don't really have time for them. It's not anything personal, I just have to keep going. Let me fast forward to “Tides.” So, Tides is very complicated. The message itself is talking about something that isn't realistic. When you hear the song and it’s saying “way back in june, thought I saw your face,” that in itself is not real. The message in “Tides” isn't supposed to make sense, but the message is relatable. It felt real. I’m a taurus. I'm stubborn. When I believe something, it's the truth. It is what it is. But in that song, I’m acknowledging the fact that I was wrong. I was lying to myself basically. That was my first acknowledgement about a certain somebody and their intentions for me. That was me acknowledging that it wasn't what I thought it was.

Interviewer: Have you ever gotten into a relationship where you were talking and you think it's going to be something, but it's like not at all what you think it is?

Sol Marie: Every relationship is like that. When you meet somebody, they are showing you what they want you to see. You're not going to show a side of you that you show to your best friend. When I'm accepting of that, and I decide to pursue a person, I want them to respect me. I didn't come into this relationship thinking that you were perfect, so I don't want you to be mad at me when you see who I am. [There’s] been so many times when people have been deceptive. I'm so big on energy. You cannot lie to me. I don't have a reason to lie. When people lie to me, I'm like ‘why are you lying?’

“Break” is about people trying to deceive you. And you’re standing here with all the common sense and all the knowledge telling you that this nigga is lying.

Interviewer: What was the story behind “Break?”

Sol Marie: I was in a relationship with someone who was literally a habitual liar. Lived in all their lies. I was so deep into my feelings and I was just like…

Interviewer: Ha! Speechless.

Sol Marie: Right. I was like okay, you’re getting on my nerves. I had a whole conversation with them and it's crazy because I wrote the song right in front of them. And they loved it, but at the same time, I wanted them to pay attention to what I [was saying]. You don't understand how logical your lies sound to you, I know it's still a lie. It would be little white lies. They've evolved so much since then. Very beautiful.

Interviewer: What was their sign?

Sol Marie: Pisces. Don’t you love Pisces? Wait, what’s your sign? No, let me guess. Libra

Interviewer: I’m actually not, I’m-

Sol Marie: Wait, don’t tell me. Leo?

Interviewer: I am a Capricorn.

Sol Marie: I thought Capricorn first! I went straight to Leo… you’re a Capricorn? My father's a Capricorn. A lot of the lovers I loved and never stopped loving, were Capricorns.

Interviewer I think Frank Ocean is a Scorpio. You remind me of him. Does he influence you?

Sol Marie: Inspiration wise, my four main influences are Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Selena Quintanilla and Michael Jackson. I love Solange… [This is random, but] I actually get Aquarius vibes from you.

Interviewer: I think I have an aquarius planet in my birth chart. Do you have Costar?

Sol Marie: My friends and I would get on it together and they would be like “oo I got the power in this,” “oo I got power in that,” and I would have trouble in self, spiritual, physical. Like okay, this isn’t adding up. I am a person who has very, very, very low self esteem. It’s very hard for me to accept where I am at any moment. Right now, I’ve been trying to be okay with Kylie. I’m very forceful on what I need to be doing and getting things done. The identity part comes from God. I realize that I want to please God and no one else- that is the root of the self esteem that I want.