Quarantine Playlist '20

We’re back with another playlist. It’s giving you pop, it’s giving you teenage nostalgia, and giving you 2016 flashbacks. Rachel Sennott, A.K.A. the white Raven Baxter, collaborated with us for a new collection of songs that will keep anyone busy in the midst of self- isolation.

Break My Heart by Dua Lipa

I dance to this song alone in my parent's basement every night and I can't wait to one day dance to it in a bar.

Ribs by Lorde

If you listen to Lorde during the quarantine it feels like you're in the Hunger Games.

Ride by Lana Del Rey

For driving to my old high school and crying in the parking lot.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme by Abba

Has never been more relevant...the desperation, the boredom..it's perfect.

Boss Bitch by Doja Cat

Good song for montage of destroying things in a movie or for me personally, doing jumping jacks alone in my room.

Scenes for an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel

To reminisce on when I used to be able to go to Italian restaurants to eat pasta on dates with guys.

Space Song by Beach House

I listen to this song while walking through my parent's neighborhood and I pretend I'm on acid even though I've never done it and don't know what it feels like.

Bad Girls by M.I.A.

My biggest dream is to dance to Bad Girls at a party.

Yes Sir I can Boogie by Baccara

Ladies, jill of to this!

Sugar Town by Nancy Sinatra

Take your klonopin to this!


Text by Rachel Sennott