Quarantine Blues: Riipford

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

These past couple of weeks, the nation has fallen under a state of distress in response to thousands of COVID-19 cases across America. These times allow us to come to terms with ourselves, confront our own thoughts, clean our spaces, and make more art than we ever have before.

Riipford, A.K.A. Nate, is a representation of the majority of high schoolers who are locked in their bedrooms for the rest of the semester. To seize the day, they uses their major platform on Tik Tok and Instagram to keep themselves occupied throughout the static filled day. Their artistry transcends the powerful talent of Tik Tok-ing, and nestles into their drawing and paintings.

Interviewer: What does your life look like at the moment?

Nate: I’m doing amazing, actually. There’s been a lot of time for me to self reflect and work on my self constantly during this quarantine. I’ve spent a lot of time making new friends and just having a good time.

Interviewer: What is the root inspiration behind your art? 

Nate: My main inspiration comes from women of color and feminine energy. Their drive for going for the next best thing and their impact they have left for all future generations stand so strong. I always have wanted to capture that power in a piece to represent all the beautiful, intelligent, and inspirational women of color that work so hard for us everyday.

Interviewer: How do you exhibit your creativity and artistry through your platforms on Instagram?

Nate: I’m a fan of showcasing my work on either my Instagram stories or as of recent, posting my work to a dedicated art account. I also post my work on Twitter sometimes.  Interviewer: Over the past year, Tik Tok has become a booming app where young adults are able to be at the forefront of their social media platforms. Tell me about how you got Tik Tok famous!

Nate: I remember starting my freshmen year at my high school and so many people were asking if I had TikTok or that I looked like one of those “TikTok boys." I had never thought about even posting one until earlier this year. I was bored and made a video of me just kinda being cute in my bathroom and it took off from there. Interviewer: Who are your favorite influencers on Tik Tok? 

Nate: I really enjoy @theesudani ‘s vids! Interviewer: What are the albums that you’re streaming during quarantine?

Nate: I constantly listen to Rihanna’s ANTI album because it just never gets old to me, but I also listen to a couple of 90s/2000s albums like B.I.G.

Interviewer: How has this time of self- isolation given you a time to think about your future career and other endeavors?

Nate: It’s really given me a clear and precise way of how I want my future to unfold. I’m always working towards something that’s gonna help me progress so I like to think of things as they’re coming together instead of just having a set one and done plan. 

Interviewer: As a teenager, in what ways does it feel weird that you’re expected to have your life figured out? 

Nate: I personally know I don’t have to have anything figured out right now, but I know for a lot of other teens, it may seem very stressful trying to juggle things, but things will always find a way to come together even when it seems like nothing is going as planned. I just want other teens to remember how we’re all growing and learning, so there should be no rush.

Interviewer: What’s the first thing you will do when you’re allowed to get out of the house?

Nate: Shopping and hanging out with friends! I miss social interaction so much tbh!