JonnyTexaz: 21 Year Old Degenerate

Embedded in Houston, Texas, JonnyTexaz stands as an enigmatic trailblazer in the streetwear community. As he sells his original pieces, his brand, SHOWOFF continues to grow locally and across America. Unlike the substance-less e-boy community on social media, Jonny uses his pieces as a nostalgic gateway into a futuristic 2008 Tumblr era. On Instagram, @jonnytexaz, has a grimy feed which provides a portal and an in depth look into a more intricate DIY fashion scene. Meet the talented fashion guru who refuses to take his foot off y’all’s necks.

Who is JonnyTexaz outside of his social media presence?

JonnyTexaz: {I’m a} 21 year old degenerate from Houston. Texas. I’m currently a slave 2 society, patiently waiting to break my shackles and really shit on everyone. When I’m not working, I’m getting my ankles broken at my local basketball court. Also, making 21st century bullshit music with my friends, creating, and coming up with new ideas to inspire myself and my surroundings.

How did you get into fashion and archive pieces?

JonnyTexaz: It’s always been apart of me since I can remember. I was born into it. I didn’t force it upon myself. It came naturally. I’ve always been {infatuated} with clothes.

What are your aspirations with fashion?

JonnyTexaz: {I want} people {to understand} my creativity and to inspire a Youtube generation to be themselves.

What is SHOWOFF?

JonnyTexaz: My brand represents the skater kids and the kids who are too shy or scared to speak up for themselves. When they wear my clothes, it speaks for them without them having to say anything. I always wanted to make a clothing line since 2012-2013 . This suburban white kid at my school had a successful clothing line called Friday USA. {It} had all my friends wearing his shit. That put me in the right lane to pursue what I wanted. Then I went to New York in 2016. Phillip from dertbag taught me how to screenprint and I really took it seriously after that. I started to learn more about it and {I taught} myself shit and I worked at multiple screen printing companies and never gave up.

What has growing up in Texas been like for you?

JonnyTexaz:Houston doesn’t have a scene like New York or Los Angeles, so {I} gotta work two times ashard. It’s been good to me. I found my passion and what I want to do with my life. Besides it being humid as fuck, it’s a pretty cool city.

Why did you go to New York in 2016?

JonnyTexaz: I’ve been in love with New York since I was 9. {I had} always wanted to go and I also had friends living up there at the time.

New York is completely different from Texas in terms of legislation and culture, so what was it like for you to step into New York?

JonnyTexaz: When I got out of the train station and stepped into the city, it was mind blowing. It felt like I needed to be there.

What was that year like for you before you went to New York?

JonnyTexaz: I was already out of high school, but after high school I was lost, depressed, and confused with what I wanted to do with my life. The previous year, I got arrested. I had a bad drug problem.

Who inspires you in the fashion world?

JonnyTexaz: Shawn Stussy, Ralph Lauren, Rocawear

What time do you love to create in?

JonnyTexaz: Usually in the morning, but if I see something during the day I’ll cook something up that night.

What artists/songs get you in a creative mood?

JonnyTexaz: Kid Rock, Chief Keef

How do you think the term “creative” is overused?

JonnyTexaz: Yes, people drop a pen on a shirt and 10 people on the internet think he’s the next Marc Jacob

How does it make you feel- that other people can just claim the title “creative” and run with it.

Jonny Texaz: If it doesn’t affect my everyday life, it has nothing to do with me. Let them think what they want, the truth will always prosper.

If you were in a movie, what movie would you be in?

JonnyTexaz: “The Warriors.”