"i am weak"- anonymous entry

Updated: Jul 16, 2018


i depend on my friends because my dad will just think i'm a pussy he says i can't be weak, but i am weak. i think it's okay because with more struggles comes more strength i will be okay i'm trying to learn not to be afraid of death, very hard i turn sixteen in * days i wanna make it my best year because i've wanted to be sixteen since i was five i'm tired of being hopeful i'll keep doing it though sometimes i think i'm a different person like a lot of people don't know anything about me but everyone thinks they do my dad thinks that my brain never stops working, but that's stupid because that's everyone my brain be stupid sometimes sometimes i think i've found myself and then i change my mind it's like i'm a different person everyday i feel like the dude from split i miss my dad he's usually the reason suicidal thoughts subside i love my mom, but i don't really think she loves me i was an accident my parents really sheltered me i wish they didn't because i could be so strong right now but it's fine i'm learning on my own it makes me mad that guys don't like me and the guys that do like me, don't like me if i deflated my butt, i don't think any guys would like me sorry this is weird - anonymous/ 4:28 a.m.