Drew Castillo: Purpose in the Process

Updated: May 22, 2018

At the age of 16, Drew Castillo never saw himself doing anything other than sports. Normal teenager- trying to find himself in the Earth. Drugs and trials invaded his life. His existence was dwindled down to nothingness, but then God destroyed his world.

In his room, with cigarette scents reeking from the carpet, Castillo laid on his bed surrounded by an intentional chaos. Family members occasionally laughed from the kitchen and sometimes they did drugs.

“I tried almost everything. The scariest thing I’ve ever tried was speed,” Castillo said. “My entire family at the time was not serving God. It wasn’t a matter of if I’m going to do it (drugs), it’s a matter of when.”

As a child, drugs made an impression on his life. By junior high, he was already experimenting. Marijuana made its way inside of his lifestyle and became a way he coped.Eventually, he got older, His uncle became abusive. Because of the disruptiveness in the house, he moved into his own apartment. By high school he was living by himself. No more yelling or people to keep him company.

“I was living in a lot of fear,” Castillo said. “God ended up calling me in the public eye.”

Around the age of 18, he started dating a girl who introduced him to her church. Unfamiliar to Christian culture, Castillo began to seek out God for himself. He befriended the congregation’s youth pastor, Mr.Cuevas. In him, Castillo found an unwavering and relentless love for people. At that moment, he knew he was called to preach. He recognized that he would have to leave his past at the door, but for the sake of love, he was willing.

“18, I was convinced,” Castillo said. “I knew I was supposed to do what he did, he loved the community. I knew I was supposed to do that.”

Soon he attended a bible school and began preaching to the masses. Leaving behind old people and habits was tough. Everyday was a process.

“I went off to play college football, my church had a bible school. My pastor called me in to his office and he says you gotta go,” Castillo said. “I was so offended. ‘You're too big for this im supposed to send you off.’”

Obediant to his mentor’s words, he started working in ministry. Little by little, his acts of love led him to Bishop T.D. Jake’s office. There, he was offered to work in the youth ministry.

“It’s a process.” Castillo said. “I realize i went through what i went through, because it makes sense today.”

Even as Castillo finds himself more and more comfortable with preaching, he still finds himself adjusting to God’s voice daily, and simply trusting him.

“I’d say there’s been times where i was dissatisfied with God. I’ve been so frustrated with the process.” Castillo said. “The closer I draw to Him, it’s like, wow, this is a different side of You that I’ve never seen before.”

“The way god has set up this life that we’re living, is that we’re always going to need to come back to him,” Castillo said. “We’ll always need God because he gives us bits and pieces along the way.”

Destruction is seen as a very literal and intimidating word, but most don’t understand that creation is created out of anything that is obliterated. God took the foundations of his life and shook them until nothing was left standing. Waves of unrelentfulness crashed in his mind and heart leaving him astonished and the lack of words. Destruction brought creation into Castillo’s life.