Chloe Rachelle: Hope is Home

In the suburbs of Dallas, Chloe Rachelle uses her camera and social media as a tool for documentation. These devices have helped her connect with friends and strangers on the internet. Through this, she forged her stake in the "spam" community before it became a trend.

In this photoset, Rachelle gallivants us through her virtual diary- showing us the gritty details of what it means to glide from adolescence into adulthood. Each photo gives us insight into her childhood street- Hope Town Drive. She grounds us with these images, and intentionally uses nostalgia as a way for us to feel solitude.

"[The] photo set has been representation of moving out of my childhood home and how life is so lonely after [high school]," Rachelle said. "Knowing that bad things don't last forever and having to go through rough patches is such an essential cycle, but not giving up because you know it won't be bad forever."

"Home to me is 1725 Hope Town Drive. I'm sad that I moved, but the change has been both good and bad," Rachelle said. "I miss the layout of my house and how I knew where everything was in pitch black darkness. I miss my room of 14 years even though I hated it- the purple walls, the Pepto Bismo walls. I miss having the biggest window in the house and I miss my neighborhood and neighbors."

"It's crazy how many things changed throughout all those years and it still felt like home. I think the last time I felt at home was July or August 2020," Rachelle said. "In retrospect, home is also Michigan. Home is where I feel most comfortable."