Caleb: Focus on the Dick

Updated: Mar 7

Entering into adulthood can feel difficult, distorting our perceptions of identity and home. But to Caleb, home stands as a place of innate solace. He spends countless hours in his home state, Michigan, creating sanctuary for himself. Leftover art from his spiritual sessions spills into his infamous meme page, @boyfriend.dick.

The New York-based artist uses a plethora of outlets to flee from the grey, redundancy of life. From strutting on the catwalk for Barragan and Nihl, creating BFD Tarot Deck, and making steamy OnlyFans content, he is able to express himself creatively in every way possible. The world isn’t just a playground for Caleb, it’s an alter- pouring out endless possibilities for him.

“This last year, [Boyfriend Dick] pretty much went from a thousand followers to 40k. The content is about critiquing masculinity. It’s about focusing on the dick. It was a joke that I had dick you can take all the time,” Caleb said. “I changed my finsta name to Boyfriend Dick to embrace the shame I had around my sexuality, expression, and body. It was a way to take back my power for myself. Fully coming into who I am and what I want. It was a reclaiming of myself.”

Photo by Chloe Sells

Since adolescence, Caleb has worked to cultivate a sense of solitude around and inside of himself. [His most recent] relationship felt flowery and fresh, but some standout differences between the pair caused their split. In the end, Caleb was left with himself and newfound independence.

"After I had gotten out of this relationship, I was feeling this Boyfriend Dick freedom. I knew that OnlyFans was a thing,” Caleb said. “I made it and I’ve been more in touch with myself than I’ve ever been. Sex workers are awesome people because of the work it takes to unpack [the] shit that we’re given through institutions.”

“Sex feels very sacred to me. The only way to respect yourself and another person is by being authentic in that vulnerable space,” Caleb said. “Because we are constrained by time, space, institutions, and gender, there is performance. On the other side of the coin, there is space for performance in sex. Like dom and sub sex. It’s great and it’s performance, but there’s authenticity in that performance.”

His connections with his partners are based on authenticity, breeding sacred ground for their intimate acts. In the same way, his approach to spirituality is created from this genuine basis.

“I was always into the occult. I was raised Catholic and it’s very much about ceremony, ritual, and the Holy Spirit,” Caleb said. “It was always in me. I found it and I connected with it. It came into this art practice space. Tarot feels like an art practice to me- especially, after releasing my deck.”

“I take the tradition of Tarot and blend it with this new wave of meme culture. The archetypes are based on meme culture,” Caleb said. “I was creating this new language that hasn’t been touched yet. Memes are this form of emotional currency.”

The past year has stood as a time of assimilation- attempting to find comfortability within the rush of the limelight. It’s a lot to handle, but in the midst of his success, he feels content with the modeling jobs, growth of his career, and engagement with Boyfriend Dick.

“I’ve been doing the internet thing for a long time. I’m just now coming up,” Caleb said. “But I’ve been doing this shit since I was 16. So, it’s like I had the foundations of this content.”

“I feel like [Boyfriend Dick] is giving what it’s supposed to be giving. I feel connected to my following. I feel like I have an audience to express my authentic self,” Caleb said. “I can have fun and feel seen. I want to collaborate with more people, do more shows, photoshoots, and use it as a platform to express myself."