BruceGlen: "Look Mom" Fall 2022 Collection

Splattered with hypnotizing colors, BruceGlen's latest collection, “Look Mom,” reflects promises that have been spoken over Bruce and Glen Proctor since their childhood. The fashion designing twins hail from D.C., standing as a reflection of their church-filled adolescence. Over the course of time, they’ve spent time infusing their current collection with quick glimpses into their journey as designers.

In the beginning of their careers, the two made the ultimate New York debut after their freshman year in college. While in the city, they spent time cultivating their gifts as designers, working for Beyonce’s House of Dereon, Nelly, and Sean Jean. Since then, they have spent their time watching manifestations of prophecies unfold.

“Look Mom” is reminiscent of an eerily familiar nostalgia. The pieces spark memories of joy from previous years; at the same time, each look gives us a peak into the future, showing us the power of fulfillment.

Interviewer: Let’s go back to y’all’s origin. Tell me about y’all’s childhood.

BG: The newest collection, which has been titled, ‘Look Mom,’ sort of dives into our childhood. It's like a storytelling portion of the video that everyone's gonna get to see. The video actually starts with one of our earliest fashion memories. Creating paper dolls was something that we did very early on. I remember my mother wasn't too happy when she found that paper doll. She was like, ‘What is this?’ Later on, she began to understand that we had an inclination toward fashion.

We grew up in the church. It was your traditional Baptist [church]. We had about 30 members in total. When we were kids in church, we had like two or three prophetic words from visiting pastors. They would always call us out in the congregation. They would say that we will be preachers and be successful in the entertainment industry.

We had no desire to minister. We were fashion designers in our minds, especially back then. It didn't make sense to be a fashion designer [and a] preacher. But now we call ourselves the fashion preachers.

Interviewer: When people speak prophetically, sometimes, it doesn't click. I feel like God will plant a seed in your mind and it won't click at all until later. Then it comes full circle. It’s the weirdest feeling, ever. Did y'all feel that way whenever y'all went to New York after college?

BG: I remember one of the things he said was, ‘School is not everything.’ At that point, we were in-between our freshmen and sophomore year, and then we could not go back to school after our sophomore year. We're having to come to the realization, the reality of our actual lives, that school can't be everything because [we] couldn’t afford to go back to school. So you know, things have to work, regardless. At the same time, we got an internship in New York City at Beyonce’s House of Dereon. We got hired in New York City and we continued in the fashion industry from that point on.

Interviewer: BruceGlen seems very maximalist esque. What inspires y’all’s desire to express color through your collection?

BG: There's a scripture that we love: The joy of the Lord gives you strength. We like to choose joy over sadness because there's no strength [there]. Throughout our clothing and the colors that we use, we want to give people the opportunity to be invited into a world of joy; when they're wearing it, they feel joyful. When people see them in the clothing, they spark joy.

We believe that the same way that someone can walk into a room and their presence can change the atmosphere of the room, we believe the same thing can happen when someone wears [our] garments. When they walk into a room with one of our designs on, it can change the atmosphere. Even if we're not in the room to make someone laugh or to make them smile, the garments would do the work for us.

Interviewer: I saw a video of y’all talking about rainbows and its personal significance to you both. What are some promises that God has fulfilled for y’all within this new collection?

BG: We're showing during fashion week as part of CFDAs lineup, which is crazy. We remember 15-16 years ago, [we] moved to New York City. I just remember seeing the NYFW tents being erected. It's a lot of promise fulfilled. It’s God coming back and giving you that gift that you didn't think you could have, but he had always been preserving it for you for the right time- in the right moment. We're excited.